Monday, August 23, 2004

Noam Chomsky and Al-Jazeera

It's hard to believe that there actually is any 'free and open' news organizations in the Arab World but according to Chomsky there is at least one. Witness the following,

The Arab world has had one free and open news source, the satellite TV news channel Al-Jazeera in Qatar, modeled on BBC, with an enormous audience throughout the Arab-speaking world.
Just in case you didn't know Al-Jazeera was created by one of the emirs of Qatar, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, with a $90 million subsidy and 'gets an annual subsidy of some $30 million from the Qatari government.' Although the emir claims that Al-Jazeera enjoys total freedom, the network has yet to report any devastating critiques of the Qatari government, so much for 'free and open'.[1]

If the lie that Al-Jazeera was a 'free and open' new sources wasen't enough Chomsky has the nerve to state, "[Al-Jazeera] is the sole uncensored source, carrying a great deal of important news and also live debates and a wide range of opinion." A great deal of important news? Is Chomsky for real? One such 'great' debate with 'a wide range of opinion' was on the question ‘Is Zionism worse than Nazism?’ One of the guests was Noam Chomsky's long time friend and Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson. No wonder Chomsky' is such an advocate for Al-Jazeera. All those important questions and all those important people they need a place in the Middle East where they can further enlightened the masses, freely and openly of course.

[1] Borchgrave, Arnaud de Tutwiler's Mission Impossible.

Thanks Chomsky, Now We Know

Did you know that America was planning on invading Iran and Syria? But the only reason that they didn’t was because the war in Iraq was a complete disaster. Well according to Chomsky,

If the Iraq invasion hadn't been such a remarkable failure, by now the US would probably have gone forward with plans to subordinate the region more fully to its interests, which would mean actions against the more independent states, Iran and Syria.
Did you know that the ‘real’ reason why Israel receives military aid is "to rattle the leadership [of Syria and Iran] to contribute to internal repression, disaffection, [and] disruption".

Thank G-d we have Chomksy with his extraordinary investigative skills, or else we would never have know what was really going on in the Middle East and US intentions there.