Friday, April 11, 2003

Chomsky We are Waiting For Your Reply

There is an interesting letter, from Lawrence K. Kolodney, to Noam Chomsky. What is fascinating is when Chomsky replies and seems to believe he is untouchable. In the letter Lawrence K. Kolodney asks Chomsky to clarify his position regarding Werner Cohn and his pamphlet "The Hidden Alliances of Noam Chomsky". To this Chomsky replied by stating:

The pamphlet in question is beneath discussion. In fact, I have discussed it once [Here is the Link], in the Canadian Jewish journal Outlook, where Cohn presented what he took to be his strongest arguments -- including one that you cite. Each argument was based on total fabrication and absurdity, as easily demonstrated. He never dared to respond. Those, recall, were his own choice of his strongest arguments.

In effect Chomsky decried Werner Cohn because he "never dared to respond". Well know it's time for Chomsky to respond to. In a recent rebuttal to Chomsky's inuendos Cohn proves that Chomsky is a liar:

In this letter to the editor of a Communist Canadian Jewish publication ("Outlook"), Chomsky maintains that he has read the Guillaume piece and that this Guillaume piece contains nothing that concerns him. For example, says Chomsky, it contains "no hint of any collaboration" between Chomsky and Guillaume, as I had maintained. But if the reader will consult p. 170 of Guillaume, he will there find an explanation of how Guillaume had submitted an earlier version of his piece to Chomsky, who had made some corrections, and how Guillaume had corrected the piece in accordance with Chomsky's instructions. Moreover, Guillaume also reproduces a letter from Chomsky, in further comment. These items clearly show that Chomsky, to this anti-Semitic audience in France, vouches for Guillaume's accuracy. Of course when he writes to an audience of left-wing Jews in Canada, Chomsky denies all: no, Guillaume did not write what he did, no, Chomsky did not collaborate with Guillaume. Fortunately the reader can now check Guillaume in person.

For those of you who are interested in what page 170 of the Guillaume book says and can't read French:

September 28, 1984. The first version of the text which precedes comprised multiple errors of detail and an error of appreciation that Chomsky announced us while reaffirming the constancy and the invariance of its position. We corrected in the text the errors which did not modify the reasoning and give, below, the remarks of Chomsky. (Translation by Google, if you have a problem reading it tell Chomsky Generative Grammar SUCKS!!)

In the words of Ricky Ricardo, "Lucy you got some explaining to do"...

Addendum: This post was updated after a blogger (see: here) brought to my attention that I had over looked the publication date of each of the articles - for that mistake I am sorry. However, it does not take away from the main point that was being made.