Sunday, June 27, 2004

Chomsky’s War Against Israel

For those of you who can't wait until The anti-Chomsky Reader is published by Encounter Books, Paul Bogdanor chapter on Chomsky's War Against Israel has been reprinted on the internet.

In Noam Chomsky’s books, essays and public campaigns stretching back for decades, one theme is constant: his portrayal of the state of Israel as the focus of evil in the Middle East, a malevolent outlaw whose only redeeming feature is the readiness of its own left-wing intelligentsia to expose its uniquely horrifying depravity. His efforts began in the 1970s with the short polemic, Peace in the Middle East?, in which he argued that the country should be replaced by a binational socialist regime; they escalated in the 1980s with his lengthier works, Fateful Triangle and Pirates and Emperors, which portrayed Israel as a terrorist state with "points of similarity" to Nazi Germany; and they culminated in his most recent collection of diatribes, Middle East Illusions, in which he continues to present Israel as the main obstacle to peace in the region, in the midst of horrible war crimes against Israeli civilians.1 Dozens of publications, lectures and interviews contain further symptoms of Chomsky's fixation upon the Jewish state. However, as we shall see, his polemics on the Arab-Israeli conflict bear the hallmarks of his intellectual repertoire – massive falsification of facts, evidence, sources and statistics, conducted in the service of a bigoted and extremist ideological agenda.

It is definitely a must read, so go check it out.