Monday, March 24, 2003

An interesting article about Israeli Academics whom claim to be post-Zionist (a pseudonym for anti-Zionism and times anti-Judaism). The most interesting section:

Israel Shahak, recently deceased, was professor emeritus of chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was probably the most openly anti-Jewish of all Israel’s academic extremists. He spent most of his career promoting naked antisemitism and his writings appear on neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial websites around the world. (Jewish antisemite may sound like an oxymoron but Shahak proved it is not.) He went beyond the simple endorsement of Arab positions, something common among other Israeli academic leftists, and also well beyond mere chic anti-Zionism. He openly hated Judaism and Jews. His writings center around the theme that Judaism is the fountain of all evil and that most of the world’s problems can ultimately be traced back to Judaism. He propounded the thesis that Judaism is a racist form of irrational anti-Gentile hatred. Maimonides, for example, was a great hater of Gentiles, according to Shahak. Jews worship Satan daily. Shahak‘s Jewish History, Jewish Religion carries a foreword by Gore Vidal, who takes the opportunity there to bash American Jews for "hijacking" the American economy to serve Israel and to denounce "totalitarian Judaism." Shahak considered Israel a "terrorist state." Not surprisingly, the writings of Shahak are promoted on the websites of neo-Nazi organizations, crank Holocaust-deniers,35 and hate-spewing Islamist groups. Neo-Nazi websites featuring his writings, for example, include "Jew Watch," "The Historical Review Press," "The Campaign for Radical Truth in History."